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webinar: the c-section epidemic

Empowering employers to reduce unnecessary C-sections

download this webinar to learn:
  • Why decreasing C-section rates is important for your bottom line, and the tools you need to do it
  • What a midwife REALLY is and why you should care
  • Which decisions most impact these outcomes and how you can enable them with technology 

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According to the World Health Organization, half of US C-sections are unnecessary, adding $3.4 billion to employer healthcare costs. Not only does that mean employers are paying for unnecessary c-sections, but their employees are facing serious surgeries with potentially life-altering health risks that could be avoided. 

Join Dani Bradley, MS, MPH, and Paige Beauchemin, RN of Ovia Health's Clinical Team to learn how a maternity benefits program that gives employees the tools and resources to make informed decisions about their care can dramatically improve outcomes, reduce unnecessary procedures and positively impact your bottom line.

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