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On-demand webinar

Parents Under Pressure:
How to Ensure Their Well-being at a Time of Historic Stress

Working at home, schooling at home, stuck at home – the pandemic has put unique burdens on parents, especially women. How are they coping after more than a year in crisis – and what is the toll? How can the exodus of women from the workforce be reversed?

In this webinar, a panel of experts explore strategies employers can put into action to help reduce parental stress – not only on an immediate basis, but in terms of long-term shifts in policy and investments in their maternity and parental benefit programs.

Expert speakers include:

1. Diana Geofroy, Colgate Palmolive Company

2. Lisa Adukia, Gap, Inc.

3. Emily Stirling, Intermountain Healthcare

4. Kelly Young, KinderCare Education

5. Gina Nebesar, Ovia Health

6. Caroline Hroncich, Insider

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